Practice Area

Our office is able to provide comprehensive legal services related to civil, criminal, military criminal, commercial law, etc. official translations of all kinds of documents for any legal use in Greece and abroad, translated in Greek, English, French and Albanian, as well as resolving disputes through the mediation process .

Civil Law

Family Law

-Consensual divorce - Divorce in dispute

-Child custody issues, maintenance claims, communication

-Claim for contribution to the acquisition

-Judicial recognition of a child

-Legal support in the adoption process



Inheritance Law

- Issues of acceptance and renunciation of inheritance

- Legal actions for publication of the will and declaration of a will as valid

- Issuance of Certificate of Inheritance

- Disputes between heirs (cancellation of a will, reserved portion, etc.)


Law of obligations

- Purchases - Sales (movable and immovable property)

- Leases (of things, houses, commercial, agricultural parcels)
- Donations
- Employment contracts - Labor disputes (claiming accruals, allowances, gifts, compensations, etc.)
- Work/ Project contracts
- Brokerage
- Loans - Loans for use
- Deposit - penalty clause
- Unjust enrichment
- Τort (claiming compensation of any kind)


Property law

- Legal Drawing up and Submission of objections and lawsuits related to the National Land Registry
- Αction for restitution, Αction for a negative declaration, Declaratory Action 
- Registration - elimination of mortgage, prenotation of mortgage


Military Criminal Law

- Infringment of official duty
- Ιnsubordination in the Military
- Desertion in the Military
- Disobedience in the Military

Criminal Law

- Drugs
- Immigration, permanent residency and citizenship
- Cases of domestic violence
- Injuries
- Insult/ Defamation
- Thefts
- Robberies
- Service offenses (bribery, infringment of official duty, false attestation etc) 

Commercial Law

- Incorporation/abolition of company
- Amendment of articles of association
- Over-indebted households 
- Bank loan arrangements

Official Translations


Official translations of all kinds of documents for any legal use in Greece and abroad in the following languages:
  - English language
  - French language
  - Albanian language


Mediation is a structured process regardless of name with the basic characteristics of confidentiality and private autonomy in which two or more parties voluntarily try, with good faith and transactional responsibility, to settle a dispute by agreement, with the help of a mediator.   

      Key advantages are:
                       -quickly resolving the dispute

                       -cost saving

                       -secret of the procedure

Administrative Law 

- Appeals against fines
- Appeals and requests for annulment against all types of administrative acts
- Representation before public and tax authorities
- Immigration and foreigners law (Issuance of residence permits, Internal administrative appeals and  requests for annulment against rejection decisions, Protection against deportation, Deletion from National List of Undesirable aliens, Acquisition of Greek citizenship, Family reunion, Asylum applications)

Intellectual Property Law

- Licensing agreements
- PC software development contracts
- Software legal protection